Bisexual Dating Tips:

Bisexual Dating is Not So Hard. Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Bisexual Dating SitesBisexual makes the third letter in the LGBT soup. Men and women who are interested in both men and women fall into the bisexual category. Many people find it weird and not acceptable, whereas they are the people who have maximum fun. They have the cake and, eat it as well.They enjoy the mix of both worlds. There is a taboo in the society about Bisexual men and women. Hence, they don’t open up and speak out their choices. However, there is no need to feel neglected, if you are a bisexual person. Here are top 5 reasons that will tell you how you have the best of both worlds. [Read More]

Things I learnt from dating a Bi guy 

bisexual dating sitesA lot of women from across the globe end their relationship with a bisexual guy as they fail to understand their unique needs and preferences in life. While it goes without saying that a lot of bi – curious men and women seek a companion in order to understand their sexual preferences, there are hundreds of thousands of genuine bisexual singles who are on the lookout for the perfect partner. This article is based on the experiences of a bisexual woman who had dated a bisexual guy.. [Read More]

5 Truths about “Bisexual Women” on bisexual dating sites

QQ Photo20160310140313There has been an onslaught of online bisexual dating sites over the years and needless to say a lot of bisexual and bi-curious singles from across have taken to these sites to connect with like – minded people. Regardless of whether you’re exploring this segment for the first time or have been using bisexual dating sites on a regular basis, there are some truths about bisexual women on bisexual dating sites. Not every woman who joins a bisexual dating site is a bisexual. Instead, a lot of lesbians register with such sites in an attempt to widen their options. Joining a reliable bisexual dating site gives them the opportunity to reach out to women outside their circle. [Read More]