Things I learnt from dating a Bi guy 

A lot of women from across the globe end their relationship with a bisexual guy as they fail to understand their unique needs and preferences in life. While it goes without saying that a lot of bi – curious men and women seek a companion in order to understand their sexual preferences, there are hundreds of thousands of genuine bisexual singles who are on the lookout for the perfect partner. This article is based on the experiences of a bisexual woman who had dated a bisexual guy.

bisexual dating sitesBisexuals are not inclined to cheating on you

Although bisexual singles technically have more options compared to heterosexual individuals, that doesn’t mean they’re more inclined to cheat on you or be disloyal. Contrary to this, a lot of bisexual men are monogamous. Nevertheless, if you’ve been cheated upon by a bisexual, it doesn’t mean every bisexual guy in the world is susceptible to cheating.

Bisexuality is real and there are people who are truly attracted to both men and women 

Bisexuals aren’t going through a transitional phase. Besides, they aren’t at the halfway point between straight and gay. As a matter of fact, many gay men call themselves bisexuals as a baby step out of the closet. This is due to the fact that they’re way too scared to come out as homosexual.

You aren’t supposed to get nervous when they’re watching porn 

When your bisexual partner watches porn, you aren’t supposed to get nervous. Your partner might be attracted to things that you wouldn’t be able to offer. Therefore, you might be under the impression that he would try to get it from someone else. It is to be borne in mind that porn is absolutely fantasy and you might get tempted to watch things you’d hesitate to try in real life. Therefore, the act of watching a specific type of porn doesn’t directly translate to “expecting or seeking it in real life”.

On the other hand, if there is someone who wants it from you, he would certainly speak with you regarding his needs and ensure you’re comfortable.

They’re sensitive to rubbish talk 

Dumping a bisexual dating partner just because you feel he would find it easier to find a companion is only an excuse. Bisexual are humans and a lot of them are monogamous. If they’re in a relationship with you, it means they like you in every aspect. Cheating on them or ditching them in favor of someone else could hurt them deeply. Moreover, saying your bisexual partner is going through a transition from straight to gay, would be considered extremely rude.

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