The Growing population of the LGBT communities in the USA

For information purpose, LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Not all countries support or accept the LGBT communities or relationship of such kind. Even in the USA, not all states have accepted have LGBT relations and in some states, the same has been considered as banned where the federal circuit courts have found the same banned as unconstitutional.

Lesbian stands for women who prefer women as a partner

Gay stands for men who prefer men as a partner

Bisexual stands for people who prefer both men and women as a partner and is comfortable with either

Transgender or gender non-conforming is a term for people who don’t conform to the sexual identity which they were assigned at birth.

Most of the states in the USA has the highest percentage of the LGBT population

LGBT communities
LGBT wedding

However, these days more and more adults have started to be self-aware about their sexual orientation and countries. where there is no restriction to LGBT relationships and freedom of the right to choose has made them choose the best for themselves. In USA, over the years there is a steady growth as the percentage of the adults recognizing themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender have increased to 4.1% in 2016 which is a 0.6% rise with respect to the social surveys conducted in 2012, where state of California is leading as the LGBT adult percentage is coming around to 4.9% of the total state population while the state of North Dakota has the least LGBT adult percentage which is 2.7% of the total state population and with New York City having the highest number of the LGBT count. Hence, the total numbers of people have increased from 8.3 million to 10.052 million as of 2016. Surveys have found that the bisexuals make up the largest share of the LGBT Americans.

The above number is based on the various surveys conducted in the USA, there could be a possibility that some people have identified themselves as LGBT, are scared to come out of the box due to social and family pressure. So the above-mentioned figures are based on the estimates.

Most of the LGBT people are teenagers

According to the surveys, it is also found that more and more people started to become aware of their sexual orientation as early as the age of the 13. In a survey, it is found that more than 60% of the Americans in 2016 believe that LGBT should be accepted by the society, compared to 50% in 2006. It clearly shows that American people have started to become more aware. Over the years the societies have evolved as in 1970, gay and lesbians were considered to be mentally ill then in 1980, LGBT relationship was considered to be as the taboo as the problem of AIDs was at heights followed by 1990 where the LGBT people started appearing in the limelight.

Slowly with the development of the social, more and more people have started to accept that LGBT is not a mental problem. LGBT people are as a normal as a normal person behaves.


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