Best Bisexual Dating Apps

If you identify yourself with having the potential to romantically involve yourself with people, regardless of their gender, you might want to stand up proudly and say that you’re bisexual. There is a large part of the community that identifies with you and you don’t know it yet. It’s fair to say that finding a bisexual partner for dating can be a bit difficult, but help is not far; In fact, it is in your smartphone. There is a plethora of dating apps which are specially designed for straight as well as LGBT members of the community. These bisexual dating apps can make your life easier when you’re looking for someone to share special moments with.

Top 3 Bisexual Dating Apps

#1 Bicupid   

Bicupid is the world’s best and largest bisexual dating app with around 1.3+ million users. Bicupid has been on the top spot in bisexual dating apps list since many years, It’s the best place to meet bisexual singles and couples around the world. Majority of the users in Bicupid app are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other European countries.

Why Bicupid App

The BiCupid app is by far one of the largest, most widely used Bisexual dating app today. This erotic looking app has one of the simplest interfaces and will ensure that you will find the match you are looking for.

With the largest user base of bisexual men and women or even a couple, BiCupid app fits everyone seamlessly, which makes it the perfect bisexual dating app.

This app is free to download in the iOS and the android play store and is free to use, but some premium features are blocked which require a paid subscription to access. It enables users to view profiles, search for their preferred partners and even send messages, all within the app.

How to join us?

As long as you are 18+ years old and you have an email or facebook account, you can register for free and start your journey of dating bisexual singles and couples.

Download Bicupid app for free

                                       bisexual dating apps       

                                       bisexual dating apps

 #2  BothWays 

Called the ‘Tinder of the Bi-Curious’, BothWays bi dating app takes care of the single LGBT community. If you are looking to date people who have preferences similar to yours, BothWays is the app that will suit you the best. This Bisexual dating app features a concept similar to Tinder, with a simple interface and features the ‘Spark’ system. Like Tinder, the app shows people near you which may be suited for you and you swipe either left or right on their profile. If you bot like each other, a match is made and the app allows instant messaging between the two. The only downfall of the app is that it is fairly new and has a small user base which is growing exponentially.

                                       Bisexual Dating App               

                                       Bisexual Dating App

#3 is a dating app specially designed for lesbian and bisexual women. This app has been making matches for 13 years, which clearly speaks about its reputation. Making a profile on this app is extremely easy and that’s all you need to do. A unique feature that showcases is giving its users the ability to create blog posts, which can help them make friends with like-minded people. It also features Live-Chat if someone strikes your fancy.

                                       Bisexual Dating App               

                                       Bisexual Dating App


There are many other bisexual dating apps in competition, but these are the ones that stand out in every aspect. All these apps provide a rather personal approach towards finding your match made in heaven, which make them the most natural dating apps in stores. Try out these bi dating apps to find out who you are meant to be with, because your next potential partner could be just around the next corner.